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Matthias Kirschner, prezident Free Software Foundation Europe píše:

Today the Free Software Foundation Europe publishes an open letter in
which we call for legislation requiring that publicly financed software
developed for the public sector must be made publicly available under a
Free Software licence. This will allow everybody to use, study, share,
and improve the software. 31 civil society organisations throughout the
EU have already signed it. Also Edward Snowden, President of Freedom of
the Press Foundation, supports our campaign, stating “Right now, the
blueprints for much of our most critical public infrastructure are
simply unavailable to the public. By aligning public funding with a Free
Software requirement – “Free” referring to public code availability,
not cost – we can find and fix flaws before they are used to turn the
lights out in the next hospital.”
Why is this important? Public institutions spend millions of euros every
year for the development of new software for them. But the public
sector’s procurement choices play a significant role in determining
which companies are allowed to compete and what software is supported
with taxpayers’ money. This means, that changing policies in public
procurement will have a huge positive impact on the Free Software

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V navrhu ITVS to je, takze tak blizko sme k tomuto cielu este neboli. Som zvedavy ci to ustojime na rozporkach (specialne ITAS a RUZ budu urcite nadseni :)).


Toto ked date, tak sa pridem poklonit osobne aj Pellegrinimu aj kazdemu, kto sa o toto zasluzil.


+bonus navyse - 500k rezanie deliveries v projektoch


Skláňam virtuálny klobúk.

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Kapmaň za zákon o ITVS práve začala. :wink:

co je ITVS?

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Uz sme v oficialnych podporovateloch ako Slovensko.Digital


Draft zákona o ITVS už existuje, diskutujme tu.
Spoiler alert; povinné EUPL tam je, rezanie deliverables projektov tiež - cenový strop nie (má byť vo vyhláške).