= government portal pre viac ako 1 mld. obcanov

Davam do pozornosti portal

India pozostava z 20 statov a celkovy pocet obyvatelov je cez 1 mld.

Co hovorite?

Nejako to nefunguje.

Mne osobne to funguje, momentalne s trochu rozbitou temou. Inac je to postavene na drupale a angulare, myslim, ze coskoro bude k tomu aj nejaka case study od tvorcov.

The government is quickly adopting Drupal. is one of many great examples; this portal was established by India’s central government to promote citizen participation in government affairs. The site reached nearly two million registered users in less than a year. The government’s shifting attitude toward open source is a big deal because historically, the Indian government has pushed back against open source because large organizations like Microsoft were funding many of the educational programs in India. The tide changed in 2015 when the Indian government announced that open source software should be preferred over proprietary software for all e-government projects.

keby boli nejake otazky alebo by niekoho zaujimalo nieco konkretne, tak napiste…mam kontakt na pana, co sa okolo toho pohybuje