Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2020

Dear friends, dear travellers and hitchhikers through the Galaxy! Hello World!

Let me welcome you in the new platform of our SingularityU Bratislava Chapter kicking off with a magnificent international event, 7th annual Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis (HCPP) with a very up to date and hot theme - Digital Totality, happening right now over this weekend of October 2 - 4, 2020 in Prague in Czech Republic.

HCPP is being co-organised by the members of SingularityU Bratislava Chapter, as well as Juraj Bednar, the official licence holder and ambassador of our Chapter. The conference is a project of Paralelní Polis, a nonprofit organisation based in Prague.

This year, in addition to all the cool talks, you can enjoy the unique personal digital sovereignty workshops too: https://hcpp.cz/workshops

Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2020 is also expanding to cyberspace!
You can still get your online tickets here: https://digital-totality.hcpp.cz/#tickets

Use a 50% discount coupon you can find in the latest episode of Juraj Bednar’s Option Plus podcast:

This year you also have an opportunity to join a free non-stop live stream of podcasts, interviews with the speakers, guests, etc here:

If you are interested in the crypto world and freedom don’t hesitate and tune in right away.
Consider getting an online ticket for more interesting and more valuable talks though.

This year you also have a special opportunity to get your Lifetime HCPP ticket for 1 BTC!
It is a crucial support for us too especially in these difficult times.
Make HCPP20 and HCPP to come possible!

You can check and download the HCPP20 event guide with the schedule here: https://digital-totality.hcpp.cz/#schedule

As for me personally I’d like to shift your focus to Sara Polak and her talk on Data and AI in politics, who’ll be talking about her experience from the world of digital politics, presidential campaigns, both sides of Brexit, her opinion on the likes of Cambridge Analytica, GDPR, and bringing archaeology into all this too.
Her talk is called: “Artificially Intelligent - Role of Technology in Politics and the Creation of the State”

To learn more about Sara Polak read the article below:
“Jsme lepší, než si myslíme. Praha by mohla být jako Silicon Valley, tvrdí propagátorka umělé inteligence”

Here’s the latest interview with Pavol Luptak, the lifetime organiser of HCPP:

Here’s another recent interview with Pavol Luptak:
“Hekol štátnu e-Kasu a prednášal o Kočnerovej Threeme. Hrozí nám digitálna totalita, tvrdí heker Lupták”

Have a wonderful weekend, stay healthy and safe and enjoy HCPP20!

Love and Care,

Marianna Jablonska
SingularityU Bratislava Chapter Leadership Team member