Canada procurement guide


toto by malo byť povinné čítanie:

First, principle contracts should be small – both in terms of their total value and their duration.

software projects that cost over $10 million succeed in only 8% of cases, whereas projects under $1 million have a 70% success rate.

Invest in in-house digital competency

This capacity building should focus not just on jobs explicitly focused on IT; all public servants interact with technology systems and data in one way or another through the course of their work. Public servants with backgrounds in policy, accounting, program delivery, and other areas move over time into management roles where, in many cases, they may be responsible for delivering or procuring IT projects.

  • nájsť kvalitného business ownera na projektoch v stanej sprave ktorý má predstavu o tom čo chce, prečo to chce, a čomu to prispeje - jej aj v súčasnosti asi nepredstavitelné - ale všade máme TOGAF architektov, a PRINCE 2 managerov bez znalosti biznisu

No ja zatial co stretavam na MIRRI, SKIT a tak, mam pocit, ze toto sa ale uplne diametralne zlepsilo oproti minulosti. Len to je fakt na dlho.